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    Updated March 10, 2018

    British Columbia name comes from the fact that the Columbia River begins at Columbia Lake in the East Kootenays, formerly "British" Canada and flows South of the 49th Parallel, the longest undefended border in the world, through Washington and Oregon and into the Pacific Ocean at Astoria.

    The family arrived in Canada from Finland in the 50's after Russia took our homes in Finnish Karelia in 1944. Frida Kostian - was a Finnish woman who painted rocks that she gathered on Vancouver Island at Jordan River, about 40 miles north of Victoria BC. She was a friend of the family. What a life; she rented a beach cabin on the west coast where the rocks were ground flat by the waves and sand. Then she drove around BC selling them to tourist shops. She sold all she made, creating her designs even using various things such as recycled leather pieces...BC Ferries take you to the Islands off the BC coast. Photos of BC Coast 1
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    There's a poem called the "Lotus Eaters" and maybe the physical beauty of this Island acts like those Lotus plants. Metaphorically speaking, some eventually discovered the "lotus plant", that infamous little tempter of travelers. It seemed good to eat, so they ate. But soon they noticed that they did not want to leave. They were content as cows in a field and forgot all about their homes. All they wanted to do was eat of the fruit, day after day forever more. Long after their old folk had passed away they were there, munching. Oblivious of everything but the lotus, which they loved. Some tasted it and spit it out just in time, before they got hooked on it. But there were some who just dreamed of one day going home. You are welcome in BC if you love Canada and the people and want to blend in. But if you want to change us, (as in Europe 2017) you might find some other country more welcoming. We love our Canada just as it is, which is why it is so appealing, and we hope you will honor that. Immigrants have come from all corners of the world, especially Philippines, South Asia and China.

    The Beauty of This "Lotus" Land

    Canada is a great country. It is beautiful. The people are nice. The rest, well, you have to come here and see. Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are beautiful beyond description. The author has cruised the coast's mist shrouded islands and inlets, watched the Killer Whales play, the pounding of the waves against the rugged cliffs and walked hundreds of kilometers of rocky and sand beaches. Most people don't even know they exist, thankfully, because they are largely untouched by the hand of man.

    The hundreds of islands nestled between Vancouver Island and the mountainous mainland create a truly supernatural environment to live and play in for those who like water. There is nothing like an island, a totally calm ocean around it, the slight movement of the tide, stillness, quietness, just the occasional cry of a distant gull or the explosion of air from a Killer Whale or seal's nostrils to bring you back. The glide-by of a majestic Bald Eagle. The pine studded shoreline zig-zagging along amongst the inter tidal goose-necked barnacles, crabs, tidal pools and kelp beds. It is a marine biologists dream, and one reason I decided to study biology and become a naturalist and conservationist.

    An hour or two by boat and you are at Molly's Reach, which is on the mainland but accessible only by boat, where the TV serial "Beachcombers" was filmed, and where this writer worked for a few months. There aren't too many places on earth that can compare with it. Nothing wrong with the land - Antti could have chosen many worse places on earth.

    The Haida People

    Chief Of The Undersea World, by Bill Reid

    The Queen Charlotte Islands! Now they are called by the native name Haida Gwaii. Yes! The beauty of these islands, three hundred kilometers north of Vancouver Island, inhabited by the famous Haida people, is amazing and the people are friendly. One of our highways boys married a beautiful native girl. My room-mate in residence at UVic worked in the summers for the Provincial government Ministry of Transportation and Highways. (Now just Ministry of Transportation) They hired me and that year I had several good job offers, one of which was with the Canadian Coast Guard, my former employer. Thanks to my summer work while a biology student at UVic, I spent a whole summer there in the 70's as a Ministry of Highways engineering aid doing asphalt paving road work. Being very curious about my own Finnish ancestry and origins, I am always curious about everyone's also. Casual observation of some of the inhabitants, I immediately made a connection to Polynesia and wondered if they roamed the Pacific, why would they stop at the Hawaiian Islands? Some must have sailed past them and in so doing have landed at the Islands off North America. I searched the available sources without luck. Then just recently I found what I was looking for: the genetic link between people of the three main Islands and Polynesia.

    After university I decided to study and pass exams to do construction engineering, being in charge of contract work, which I did all over the province. Everywhere I went, there were native people. Some didn't like us, but most were friendly, in fact up in Iskut (on the way to the Yukon) on the Cassiar Highway 37 they picked some Caribou Weed, a traditional native medicine, for me. We provided work for them so they were happy. Into Sandspit with turboprop and out from Masset with a Grumman Goose to Sandspit, back to YVR Vancouver (No. 1 in North America, No. 13 in the World) Vancourver Airport and Victoria by turboprop. That's how it was in the 1970's.

    The Haida are a West coast native people with a highly developed culture, a fact which is evident in their art perhaps best exemplified by the late Bill Reid's world famous carvings. Queen Charlotte City and Skidegate are in a natural harbour located in the hub of the Charlottes, and Masset is at the north end where there are hundreds of miles of wide sandy beaches to rival any in the world. The sea, dunes and an ancient cedar rain forest make the Charlottes (Haida Gwaii) just fantastic. There is a real genuine friendliness there amongst the islanders.

    Amazing Race Comes to Haida Gwaii

    Haida Culture, Resources, Ecosystem

    Go For A Walk on Haida Gwaii

    In the fall of 2004, I was summoned to the Charlottes once more, having drunk from St. Mary's well on my previous visit. The legend goes that he who drinks from this well will return to the Islands. I can attest to the fact that the legend is accurate. This visit is no less amazing than the first, with the exception that I was sorry to see the development near the north beach. Back in the 1970's there was just nature, and I thought that it would always be that way. Now civilization has encroached a little! But the beach is still there, just as long and beautiful. Surfers were there in their wet suits, surfing, and I happen to be pointing my video camera toward the ocean waves when suddenly a surfer appeared in my view finder, and I was able to follow him to the end of his ride. The islands are a beachcombers dream come true, especially the North Beach.


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