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Europe is Free!

The Shape of Freedom

Plaschke, Chicago Tribune American, 1945

Updated December 14, 2017

Stalin was an ally of the forces for "freedom and democracy." Finland was the ally of Fascism. Sounds pretty cut and dry - this was the "truth" that Churchill promoted, while all his attention was focused on the destruction of Hitler, the murderer. But while doing so, was he helping another murderer do the same thing as Hitler was about to? It was only after the war that the truth became obvious: Finland was not Fascist and Stalin was not fighting for freedom and democracy. But what was done was done and the West had to live with the results of allying with Stalin and letting him have his way with surrounding nations, in contradiction of the Atlantic Charter that was signed by the Soviets. This agreement was to confirm that no territorial acquisitions were to be made by the combatants. Nobody is to profit from war. Unfortunately the Allies let all that go down the drain. Conferences were held to spell out the terms of peace. These conferences were used by Stalin to enslave Europe while everyone was busy dancing in the streets and proclaiming that Europe has been set "free." Churchill and Roosevelt were spent forces, both were tired of the war and just wanted peace. They were willing to comply with Stalin's demands for control of lands that did not belong to his people. They were willing to help Stalin commit genocide.

Why not cast away all the Rooseveltian, and Churchillian propaganda for a moment and look at the other side - the forgotten side. The side they didn't want you to see. Countries such as Finland that barely escaped, were saddled with huge debts which amounted to a ransom for freedom. Others became vassals of a brutal socialist dictatorship and lost their freedom. The focus of fighting evil, that Churchill clearly had at the beginning, seemed to vanish simply because Finland was not of strategic importance to Britain. Was the cost of beating Hitler too great? Was this "cost-benefit" deal of trading millions of innocent lives for beating Hitler justifiable just because it served the interests of Britain? What about the interests of Finland, Baltics States, Poland etc. No. The interests of Britain was paramount. And this interest became muddled and tangled up with the interests of a heartless murderer - Stalin.

United States and Britain delivered all of Eastern Europe and part of Finland into the hands of Joseph Stalin and the communists. Stalin enslaved half of Europe, and these leaders claimed they had set Europe free! The last decade of the last century saw increased liberty for these Eastern European and Baltic nations. Eastern part of Finland remains held hostage by Russia along with other territorial gains, thanks to the Allies. These are hard facts to digest, but they are true, and they are something we must face.


Yalta Conference
Churchill's shame and fears
Stalin Redraws World's Borders
Fate of Eastern Europe
Soviet disinformation
Karl Marx in Hell
Immigration and Crime Rates

Post War Eastern Europe and Finland

    Yalta Conference

    The eight-day Yalta Conference was held under extreme war-time secrecy at the Russian Crimean coast resort at Yalta on the Black Sea. (February 1945) The conference defined the Allied powers' policy towards Germany and gave the Soviets two-fifths of pre-war Poland after England swore to defend the country. One-tenth of Finland and parts of many other countries had already contributed to Soviet expansion. The results of the conference were defined under the following headings: The defeat of Germany, The occupation and Control of Germany, Reparation by Germany, United Nations Conference, Declaration on Liberated Europe, Poland, Yugoslavia, Meetings of Foreign Secretaries, Unity for Peace as for War. The meeting was a sham, with no input by the affected countries. Western Betrayal At Yalta
    FDR and Yalta

    Soviet-Finnish Treaty of 1948
    The Soviet-Finnish Treaty To Annex Territory Was Illegal - Atlantic Charter Signed by Soviets
    This is Stalin, the mass murderer who became the ally of FDR and Churchill. Stalin, Murderer of millions.

    Churchill's Shame and Fears for the Future

    In his letter of April 29, 1945 to Stalin, Churchill reveals his guilt of how he helped Stalin set up his Communist bloc: "There is not much comfort in looking into the future where you and the countries you dominate plus the Communist parties in many other states are all drawn up on one side and those who rallied to the English-speaking nations and their associates are on the other. It is quite obvious that their quarrel would tear the world to pieces and all of us leading men on either side who had anything to do with that would be shamed before history."

    Neither Churchill nor Roosevelt would be allowed by their own fates to negotiate the final agreements on the future of Europe at Potsdam. Roosevelt died April 12, 1945 and Churchill was replaced by Attlee July 28 when he lost the general election during the Potsdam Conference (Berlin Conference) of July 17, 1945. The big three at Potsdam were: Attlee, Truman and Stalin. Truman was new in the job. Like Roosevelt, he did not fully understand how cunning Stalin, who thought Truman was "worthless," really was.

Redraws World's Borders

The war was won and freedom reigns over all of Europe, or does it? Not really; this "freedom" was just western propaganda aimed at convincing the world that the job had been done, when in fact, they were caving in to Stalin - who was as bad or worse than Hitler. Stalin got his share for defeating Hitler: the Baltics, Karelia and Eastern Europe. The borders of 1939 would not be reinstated in Europe. General Patton opposed handing over Eastern Europe and potentially Finland in 1944, to the monster Stalin. Roosevelt had strong Socialist, pro-Communist, tendencies that hurt millions of people. More...

The Encyclopaedia Britannica 1946 stated that Russia grew considerably:
"In the years between 1939 and 1945 the USSR expanded its territory considerably. It annexed in Europe the three Baltic republics of:
Estonia (18,353 sq. mi = 47,534.05 sq. km, population 1,126,413)
Latvia (20,056 sq. mi = 51,944.8 sq. km, population 1,950,502)
Lithuania (22,959 sq. mi = 59,463.54 sq. km, population 2,879,070)
From Finland:
(16,173 sq. mi = 41,887.88 sq. km, population c. 500,000 - including the writer's parent's property)
From Poland:
(77,703 sq. mi = 201,249.8 sq. km, population c. 12,775,000)
From Romania:
(19,300 sq. mi = 49,986.77 sq. km, population 3,500,000)
From Czechoslovakia:
In 1945 Soviet Union added to its territory the Carpatho-Ukraine, (12,617 sq. mi = 32,677.88 sq. km, population 725,357)
From Germany, the northern part of East Prussia.
(c. 7,000 sq. mi = 18129.92 sq. km, population c. 1,000,000)
From Japan, Karafuto (South Sakhalin)
(13,935 sq. mi = 36,091.40 sq. km, 1935 population 331,943)
From Japan, Chushima or Kuril Islands (47 islands of 3,944 sq. mi. = 10214.91 sq. km)
From Outer Mongolia, Tannu-Tuva.
(64,000 sq mi = 165,759.2 sq. km) Became Tuvanian Autonomous Region.

Further, since Germany attacked USSR, the German Volga A.S.S.R. was abolished and the inhabitants dispersed in Siberia."

While Churchill was defending Jews from Hitler's death camps, Eastern Europeans were being turned over to Stalin's death camps. Many non-Soviet citizens were among them, such as fleeing Czarist Cossacks shipped back to Jugoslavia and shot. Russian POW's and ordinary Soviet citizens were sent back; Russians of Finnish decent, who lived in Russia, had to be shipped back. Stalin wanted all his people back so he could kill them. Churchill complied, even using his troops to do the dirty work. It was unbelievable, there was nobody to stand up against Stalin and protect the vulnerable in lands bordering the Soviet Union. In fact they were turned over to Stalin at gun-point in many cases.

In his book "The Minister and the Massacre" and "The secret betrayal" by Nikolai Tolstoy, he reveals the horror of the forced repatriations to the USSR by the British and Americans. Most of it is his original research into the cover-up. "If the moral and political wisdom of the so-called civilized and Christian West is of such a kind, then God help Europe and the world" says Colonel Tatalovic, in response to a Chetnik staff officer's queries. Between 1944 and 1947 the Western Allies handed over to Stalin more than two million Soviet citizens. Separating Europe into freedom and slavery is what Roosevelt called "free Europe." His errors cost millions of lives and displacement of people - genocide. But all we hear about is how he defeated Hitler; how he helped save a few western European countries, and Jews. This was "Saving Europe?"

Fate of Eastern Europe

Lists of people to be killed or imprisoned were made by local Communist traitors in Finland (Leino), Czechoslovakia (Gottwald), Hungary (Rakosi), DDR (Pieck), Bulgaria (Dimitrov), Poland, Romania, Albania, and Yugoslavia. The first step was to install a Communist minister of the interior (government police) and to infiltrate all political parties, and then to take each one over by force. The plan succeeded in all above countries except Finland. This answers the question most people in the West have: was Finland part of the "Soviet Union?" Of course the answer is "no." Although there has always been Communist traitors in Finland who have wanted to take away Finnish independence and join their Russian Communist brethren, this never materialized. I suppose they dreamed that if this happened, they would be in charge. However history shows that they were wrong and most likely they would have ended up with a hole in the back of their heads.
Lists of Finns who would have been killed or sent to Siberia have been made public. The phone books in Finland state occupations! The lists are very long - for example: (Notice that if you are educated, the communists wanted you dead.)

The purpose of this information is to disclose to the world what really happened during Stalin's reign of terror in the North, of which Finland became a victim, along with half of Europe. If we can understand why things went the way they did, perhaps something like that will never happen again, and God willing, some results can be corrected.

Is Putin a "
James Bond Villain?

Now the United States is Russia's pal again. But time will tell how much "friendship" there really is. Is Russia now suddenly reformed after 1000 years in the long term and 70+ years recently? Does history repeat itself, or are there really new paradigms in store for Russia? What a novel idea: Russia becomes civilized. The dishonest image that the Finns have had of Russians through history was reinforced in 1939 when Russia tried to steal Finland, though it managed to only steal a part. The only way this can ever be changed is if Russia gives back what it stole, Finnish Karelia. Since this probably won't happen in our lifetime, I can see that mistrust of Russia will continue. Mistrust is what saved Finland many times, and it will do so again. This is unfortunate, since doing business with a neighbor is based on trust. This is why Russia will have trouble pulling itself out of financial woes - it simply cannot understand fair play - meaning that they always have to gain an advantage even if it is by trickery. This tradition must change for Russia to play with other civilized members of our shrinking world.

Putin tightens Journalist travel VISA approvals citing lack of respect

I hate it when someone demands respect. Early in 2005 Putin told the world that he wanted people to respect Russia. They can get a VISA to do journalism there ONLY if they write good things. Your freedom to report is a priviledge earned by saying the right things, just like in the former USSR. I can imagine what the Russian newspapers are saying about him, all good things of course. Now wonder he got in a second time. There are a lot of reports about what happens to any news agency that opposes him. His cronies are installed in all the minority Republics, and anyone who dares to vote against a Moscow man, will be see harsh recriminations. Ethnic teachers are fired, and replaced with Russian teachers. It reminds me of the United States, at least the part about how powerful news cartels can get their man in. Except we now know after the Orange Revolution, that more than media is being used to get Moscow cronies in power. A similar situation existed in the United Staes election 2016 when all the mainstream news back the leftist candidate Hillary Clinton. However, the voters had enough of the Clintons and the whole corrupt system that has been in power in recent years. All the people ever want is a fair shake, and honesty, but from a politician you will probably never get it. Trump is not a politician. But he is a fast learner.

Any country or person, ideology or religion which demands respect must earn it. That goes for leaders like Putin, Trump, and even Islam. So far Islam needs a lot of work before it gets my respect. They must stop killing innocents people for Allah, hoping to be killed themselves in the act, so they get a free pass to heave, which in Islam is the only way to get there guaranteed.

One of the major problems in the past was Russia's constant interference in the Baltic countries. This apparently is still causing problems, and Putin is the fellow doing it with veiled threats and comments. EU is also looking into Putin's treatment of Finno-Ugric people, especially in Mari El Republic, where a Moscow man has been installed for the second time and the ethnic opposition beaten up.Putin the Terrible? EU condemns Communism.
Comment: EU may not be "Communist" but certainly it is Socialist, or "Communist Light."
Diary of a 1931 journey into Soviet Russia.

The Russian people approve of Putin, a nostalgic former communist KGB thug.


CRIME RATES JUMP 100% AMONGST IMMIGRANTS TO FINLAND: Reaping the rewards of Multiculturism experiments.

Some highlights out of the survey of Ministry of Interior concerning crimes committed by foreigners/immigrants in Finland. This does not reflect on the citizens of these countries because obviously Finland is letting in criminals. The following statistics are the last such statistics Finland will release.

The amount of robberies increased from the year 1999 to 2000 by 14 percent, but robberies done by foreigners/immigrants increased by 100 percent. Sexual crime figures show that about 8 percent of sexual crimes were committed by foreigners/immigrants, whose percentage of the population is 2 percent.

The Ministry of Interior has decided not to make these kinds of special surveys on crimes committed by foreigners/immigrants in the future. Why? Because it might make the Finns angry and protests against immigration might increase. From the figures it can be shown that the entire Finnish population accounts for only 22.7 % of all violent crimes in Finland, the rest are committed by immigrants led by Somalis who committed 17%. Since Somalia is Muslim and Finland wants these people in the country, perhaps it would be best to examine exactly what are Muslims and are they ideal people for Finland.

Ten most suspected ethnic groups in violent crimes in the year 2000:
Nationality / Amount of crimes

Finnish....................... Somalian...................... Russian....................... Unknown....................... Iraqi......................... Estonian...................... Jugoslavian................... Vietnamese.................... Turkish....................... Swedish.......................

From these absolute figures one can calculate percentages, given the total population of Finland (5.2 million), amount of Somalian citizens (4190), and so on.



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