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Finland is ranked No. 1 in so many ways that it's a wonder anyone wanted to move away. Here are twelve criteria ranked No. 1:
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Here are examples where independent researchers achieve better results than the medical industry, which is still using cutting, burning and poisoning to cure Cancer despite billions of dollars raised to "find the cure." If these horrible treatments only save a few lives by their own admission but kill the patient instead, why not offer alternatives that may give the same or even better results but without the collateral damage? Hardly any of our friends who had Cancer were healed with these artificial methods because they destroyed the good cells with the bad, especially the immune system. We need doctors. They do great things but we also need the freedom to choose when the doctors can only help to a certain point with allopathic medicine. There are many ancient medicines that may be more efficacious in certain diseases. These need to be studied, but due to the profit-driven pharmaceutical companies controls, they never will be.

Speaking of cancer, let's see if there is anything you can do about skin cancer, maybe even something you could buy at your health food store. you're in luck, and the authorities can't stop you from using it. Rick Simpson created Hep oil as a way to get the medicinal benefit of cannabis without smoking the plant. He realized that this was the ideal way cannabis should be utilized. Then he was diagnosed with skin cancer in late 2002. While one part of the cancer was removed surgically, two parts remained. Rick heard that THC, the main ingredient in cannabis, killed cancer cells, so he put hemp oil on the cancerous sites, and in only four days, the skin cancer was gone. If you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, don't be rushed into a decision. Research alternatives immediately and you might find something you can start the same day and see what happens. I put Kefir and Hemp Oil on my porridge every morning with blueberries and banana slices. It tastes great.

Nobody is rushing in to study alternatives so why not open it up to others? The barbaric methods leave the patient severely damaged and in many cases, their medicine kills the patient. Many doctors will not allow their children to undergo those same treatments they give others. Their methods are barbaric and never change no matter how much "research" they do. Must be a tough thing to cure right? That's what they want everyone to think. Hypocrites said "first do no harm" and to use natural methods (food) before attempting any powerful chemicals. He believed correctly that his job is to remove the things preventing natural healing of the body and the body will heal itself. One of those things is Lectin which is one of the main culprits in many diseases. Here is the Oath every doctor must say as a "right of passage" to preserve life at every stage of development. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion.

Many if not most diseases have a source in the deficiency of essential minerals and other nutrients such as Thiamine in the case of congestive heart failure, Vitamin D in Rickets and Tooth remineralization, Vitamin B17 (found in foods containing Nitrilosides) in Cancer, and C in Scurvy. For complying with the safe, effective methods proposed by Hypocrites, they are persecuted by the government sponsored agencies such as AMA, Cancer Society etc. that apparently are more concerned about professional high paid positions than curing the patient causing the cost of health care to be unsustainable and mainly for the rich. The government should repeal laws that are in the interests of the multinationals (who lobbied Congress) but harmful to the people. That's "Crony Capitalism" and the people in Washington are to blame. When corruption affects people's lives we the people must lobby Congress. In addition to these things affecting your health, there is the US Air force spraying poison in the atmosphere. What they are doing.

It is also important to have environmentally safe cleaning products.

The problem with milk
Russian doctor's cancer cure
A good naturopath on curing cancer

The Cancer Industry depends on fund raising and the appearance of trying to find a cure to perpetuate itself. A cure would result in a catastrophic implosion of the whole lucrative system, and they protect it vigorously. This situation is a classic case of conflict of interest and we are all the poorer for it. If they cared at all they would give alternative treatments a fair, unbiased hearing. They do not. That is why I choose to support some so-called "Quacks." If you or your loved one has cancer, the Hoxsey Clinic charges $3500 to cure cancer with no collateral damage. Check into it and the Gerson Clinic protocol and diet.

Alzheimer's Disease is incurable by normal medicine, and Dr. Wallach calls it a "physician caused" disease caused by statin drugs and states that the various types dementia are deficiency diseases. CBN revealed a way to slow it down or reverse the symptoms with a natural substance: Coconut Oil. Apparently the brain cells are starved and cannot process sugar, so Coconut Oil substitutes as the energy delivery molecule.

Fluoride: the nuclear industry waste poison that they had to dispose of. They tried many ways, but found dentists willingly accepted it to "reduce cavities." It doesn't. But they dumped their waste in our mouths, which can kill a child who swallows it. Watch... The bugs in your mouth are responsible for a long list of diseases. Get rid of them and watch your cavities and various symptoms disappear.

Whatever your problem, there is an answer for you if you will accept it. Religion is not the answer, Jesus is - there's a big difference. What's this got to do with health and longevity? Religion is a tradition that strays from the path Jesus intended. The preachers preach but don't believe. If they did they would act on the Commands of Jesus who said to go and, "heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out Devils, and cleanse the lepers." Very few preachers carry out this key command, but a few radicals do. Let's compare Radical "Christianity" (relationship with Jesus) with what you know about Radical Islam:

Cerebral Palsy healed.    Interview with Marlene
Medical malpractice: stomach removed. Restored!
Miracles in Times Square New York City   Full Movie explains
Shattered vertebrae restored
Hit by car victim healed
Tom Loud
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Divine healing1-ToddWhite
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God's medicine.
23 years Paralysis Healed  See more...
Healed of Stage 4 cancer.
Mel Bond 1
Mel Bond 2.

It's sad to see so many well-trained people in life sciences related fields sell themselves to the god of money, protecting their benefactors and furthering their financial goals at the expense of sick bodies. They claim alternative modalities are fleecing unwary victims but I see it differently. I want to use my knowledge as a biologist and believer to help anyone that wants to listen. Medicine as an emergency measure is a good thing, and we need them all - nurses, doctors, practitioners...but only if they have common sense and discretely bend the pharma-rules to avoid killing the patient with the poisons of allopathic "medicine" designed to make money.

The medical establishment says that vitamins and minerals cannot cure anything and no claims can be made for them to do so without proof. However, what is the cure for say scurvy? Vitamin C of course. This was "anecdotally" known for generations (and native Americans) as discovered in the 1500's and reported by practitioners in the 17th and 18th Centuries. For over one hundred years doctors allowed their patients to die rather than cure them with anecdotally determined information. It has been demonstrated that most if not all diseases have a nutritional deficiency component. What does the medical profession feed us when we end up sick in a hospital? The very diet that is known to cause cancer. The arrogance of "learned" professionals is detrimental to establishing remedies that are working and have worked for generations. What is the cure for Muscular Dystrophy? Selenium. That one mineral is one of the most important and its deficiency is connected with many other diseases. (such as cancer and along with Vitamin C and zinc deficiency, cataracts.) Dr. Wallach proved it and that hundreds of other diseases are caused by some deficiency in 99 essential nutrients. More...

Science tampers with with food genetically and the sales pitch is like in a the 50's: better living through chemistry. The theory is that in the evolutionary process, mistakes were made and man must fix it. Very little of value comes from chemists and we would not need any of it if our food was nutritious and tasty. Now tomatoes are like cardboard. Natural, organically grown food is best and safest. GMO does damage to our intestinal flora and fauna that may not be correctable. But these aren't priorities to governments that support GMO research. High yield production is a priority and nutrition is ignored and that's why everyone is sick. What would happen to the health industry if we were all healthy?. Dr. Wallach says nutrition especially minerals which are missing in our food can reverse all diseases. Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies cause genetic changes which can cause cancer and many other diseases. Well if you have a disease then what have you got to lose - test his theory on yourself! I did and I live, after a bout with stomach cancer. I win, the devil loses, because I chose to disbelieve the corrupt system and put my faith in The Healer and proper nutrition, which includes Essiac for many missing compounds no longer in our store-bought foods, especially non-organic and GMO, genetically tampered and processed pseudo-foods. There's a better way that God meant for us so here are some links and a comment from a person In showbiz411 that knows what is going on:

"Lots of people know what really happened. Jerry Lewis was presented with evidence that MDA “research” is a fraud; there is no cure except for the one Dr Joel Wallach found, through diet. I think he even won a medical award for it.
He sent the test results to Jerry Lewis. Jerry, being a sincere human being, genuinely interested in MDA victims, presented it to his charity. I think it was obvious, by their reaction, to everyone, that they were not interested in any real cure.
Most of these large charities, Koman concluded, are giant frauds with people feeding off the sickness of others. Demented megabucks."

      The Uralic People

      Uralica website is based on historical evidence of the Uralic people (Finns, Estonians, Saami, Hungarians and related people) living within and outside the Russian Federation. By using information such as old maps, it forms a picture of these people from the earliest know times to the present. It sometimes offers a view of Finno-Ugric (The separate group of Europeans that inhabit the North between Norway and the Ural Mountains, whose language is not related to other European languages.) history that is not necessarily politically correct, but gets at the plain truth of the Finno-Ugric struggle for survival which is often a sensitive issue politically, and largely ignored as irrelevant in the West. In fact, political correctness, which has often gone too far, is not a criteria in this site at all. We must all accept responsibility for being sensitive to others' feelings and fairness, individually as well as internationally. If this is the basis of a just society, Russia has a long way to go regarding the injustice against minorities, who are being treated every bit as badly as the colored folk in the United States in years gone by, and still are to a certain degree. Russian "Slavs" are in the dark ages; they have no intention of treating other nations fairly. Their environment is a mess as well. The beautiful country is littered by people who simply do not care, "it's not their problem." There is no movement within Russia to stop Putin from destroying Finno-Ugric cultures such as Mari El. You will find links protesting Russian actions against minorities in this site. Despite the fact that there is no "Finno-Ugric" or "Uralic" race as such, there are still many distinguishing features of these people that make them physically, culturally and linguistically unique and worthy of study. One remarkable aspect is that language and character of the original Finnish people have been preserved to a great extent, and it is a well-known fact that Finnish language is like an ice-box in the sense that many archaic structures have been preserved. In this regard, I believe that it is partly the language that preserves certain aspects of the Finno-Ugric character by structuring thought through unique meanings of words. People are different to the extent that their language is different, and the Finnish language is the most different language in Europe, along with Basque. If we value human differences, we should protect languages, no matter how many speakers there are. We have started to protect species much too late, will we do the same thing with languages? We cannot allow Russians or anyone else to destroy these identities.

      This web page is also about the rejection of the notion that being proud of your origins is unpatriotic, nationalistic, or even racist. In today's rapidly changing world, we need solid reference points about who we are and where we came from. That is one reason I think that many people today are more interested in their family history, and history in general. The Finno-Ugric people are a group of people with common problems and interests, linguistically and culturally related. Their struggle for survival is not nationalism in the sense we have grown to understand it since WWII. It is simply the desire to live, thrive and not be absorbed by other nations or religions - to retain language and identity and live in peace. Critics sometimes say all national, linguistic feelings are dangerous and must be banished. This is false. We should not all be the same, stamped by the identical little socialist cookie-cutter, and oppressed by the same. We have horror stories of attempted destruction of national identity from the experiences of North American natives, who were removed from their homes as children, taken to Catholic boarding schools, stripped of their culture and language, sexually and physically abused, and turned into empty shells of human beings in many caese. Today they are rebuilding their culture and language. It is a long road back, but this is what happens when we fall for the lie that we should forget who we are and join some other larger group, such as a New World Order. No, keep your identity, and hang onto it with all your might.

      Any system that does not protect its weakest, most linguistically vulnerable, is a tyranny. Martin Luther King, the American civil rights leader's words have a ring of truth: "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere...justice delayed is justice denied." The weaker and smaller languages want to protect themselves and quite rightly. Finland is in danger of extinction with the present system there that destroys the future generations and replaces them with immigrants, essentially turning over the country to others without ensuring their own survival in the long term. Not that we don't like immigrants but it is a mathematical certainty that Finns will be no longer if this continues.

      Wars are created by evil men and ideologies, not the linguistic and cultural differences between humans, or even religions as commonly thought. The exception is Islam, which explicitly demands followers to fight and take the world for Allah. I hate to say that here but it's true and we must always be on the side of truth and not political correctness. This will be a thorne in our sides and we must acknowledge it honestly. This is what Jihad is about and the thuosands of attacks on Christians around the world which must be stopped. We lovemost Muslims but have some serious questions about their political ideology. We have good Mulsims all around us and nice people of course, but my argument is with the political ideology embedded in the religion. The advantage is with them because we don't want to deal with it intelligently rather than emotionally.

      It is hoped that this information will increase awareness and that some of the injustices of the past may be corrected in this new millennium of hope. And above all, it is hoped that this page will help to give the Finno-Ugric and all minority people of Russia the desire to reverse the trend toward oblivion, and continue the struggle against the sea of overwhelming odds that pervasively threatens to overrun their language and culture. For Finland, the greatest threat to loss of culture is the influx of Muslims in great numbers. Finns for whatever reason, are a vanishing people because they cannot even replace their own losses based on 1.5 babies per family. We need at least 3 to survive and those coming in are achieving it easily. I believe in women's rights and the rights of an unborn child because Finland wants to live not die. Roughly 800,000 little Finnish kids never made it since the early 1950's who would have made immigration unnecessary. Now we must import or die, but it will be an exchange of culture - the death of the Finnish culture, replacement of the flag with a crescent mon and the implementation of Islamic Law. That's the trend and trying to silence those making the point won't change anything. Finland has survived Russian attacks for a thousand years but they can't survive the self imposed death sentence in place.

      The largest political group of Finno-Ugric related people in the north are the Finnish people. This page contains first-hand information of Finland's own struggle against destructive forces that often rise up against these freedom-loving people. You will find a lot of information on the Finnish-Russian War, WWII. A collection of exclusive photos of the Continuation War on Lake Ladoga, Karelia, is presented in Antti's Photo Gallery. Sometimes the treatment of Russian history and religion with respect to Finno-Ugric destruction appears harsh and unfair. It is just my way of stating what is obvious to a Finn: Russian leaders cannot be trusted to leave small peripheral countries alone. Most Finns will go further than that about the Russian (of Slavic decent) people as well, but the leaders will do for now. Suffice it to say that the Finns have always enjoyed the moral high ground, and their behavior has been excellent towards Russia considering all they have had to endure over hundreds of years. This is the root of the famous Finnish diplomacy. I will try to tone down this aspect in the future.

      About Me

      Joronen is an old Karelian name from Johannes, Kaukola, Kurkijoki, Hiitola, Parikkala, Simpelä, Käkisalmi, and Salmi, which covers the area from just East of Viipuri, (Karjalan Kannas or Karelian isthmus) where my father's home is, (but of course the Karelians were moved out of their homes in 1944) to the Northeastern shores of Lake Ladoga. (Map) The Joro form is from Salmi and Suistamo. Today they are spread out all over Finland from Seinäjoki to Imatra. These two names also have the form Joroi which is from Nissilä and connected with the Orthodox church. Family oral tradition states that our relatives originate from a house named Jorossoppi (35 km Northeast of Imatra). The word Joro is possibly derived from Roman Catholic Saint Georgius, or Jorgius, Jorgas, Jorres, Joris, which are of Germanic origin. It's meaning according to one Joro, is the nickname for "wolf" in old Finnish, or it can mean "one who does not speak much." Joronen is the diminutive of Joro, which would be "little wolf." (If you saw and heard my father, you wouldn't think it means the "little guy who doesn't speak much," because he is not little, and the stories just keep coming - a pipe lit and Koskenkorva in glass - 'till wee hours of the morning at times - about the war, as well as the lost Karelian way of life, and his beloved Viipuri.) This nickname for wolf or "susi" originates from the old Finnish/Karelian myth that to give a name such as wolf would be calling the wolf, whereas a nickname would keep the wolf away. 

      My grandmother on my father's side is Vanhanen from Rotjanlahti, Pyhäjärvi, on the north side of Lake Ladoga. Everyone in Karelia was obliged to leave in 1944, leaving only two small parts now called northern Karelia and southern Karelia. 

      I certainly recall her house when I was five, at Ruuhijärvi, the coffee grinder, aroma of brewing coffee, and her sharp spoons. My grandmother from my mother's side is from Uusikirkko, between Viipuri and Terijoki. My father's family is from Johannes. Most of my close relatives lived on the Karelian Isthmus, which is now in Russia, where it is hoped that one day they can return to their homes.

      On my mother's side, my grandfather was very well known - Viktor Saarnio the Kouvolan Harmonikka (accordion) representative to Viipuri and environs (200 km radius). He was an expert accordion technician (to such accordionists as Vesterinen), and musician which might not sound like much, but in Finland it was an important trade. He moved to Viipuri from Kymi, which is not far from Karelia. To my knowledge, our ancestry is Lutheran.  

      I was born in Finland (Helsinki) of Karelian ancestry, and immigrated to Canada when I was six, and never went to school in Finland. But no sooner had I seen a Finnish newspaper, than I was beginning to sound out the phonetic Finnish language (Vapaa Sana) at six years old. When I was in Junior High School, the principal told my mother that her kids couldn't speak Finnish on the school property. Right then I decided that I would never give up my Finnish language, nor my heritage. I used to listen to old 78 rpm Finnish records over and over again, fascinated. The songs still ring in my ears though I no longer have them. I made friends with recent immigrants from Finland which increased my vocabulary, especially technical/scientific vocabulary, because Pekka was an excellent electronics technician, even as a teenager. I learned that you can be anything you want to be: a Canadian, a Finn, or even a zoologist, engineer, or a little of them all. My identity crisis was solved.

      A couple of years later I travelled to Finland by Norwegian bulk carrier freighter MV Tres Fonn from Norfolk Va. to Norway. [Victoria - Vancouver - New York; Norfolk Va: - Trinidad - Sauda, in Saudafjord Norway; Stavanger - Oslo - Stockholm - Turku - Helsinki] and surprised my grandparents! I spent six months of late winter and summer there and enjoyed it greatly, and gained a new respect for Finnishness. Thanks to the fantastic Finnish older couple who took me in off the streets of Helsinki one night in the winter, gave me warm socks and a bed. The old customs die hard. 
      Before going back to University, I spent several years on two Canadian Coast Guard weatherships, the CCGS Vancouver and CCGS Quadra where I learned respect for the untamed power of the sea.

      I am a backwoods adventurer by heart, which comes form my Finnish homeland. Staying in one place was a drag. I did some hitch-hiking in my younger days. In fact I hitch-hiked most of the way to the Bahamas, where I got a job as Engineering Stock control manager of Lucayan Beach Hotel and Casino, in the beautiful Caribbean. I met or saw many movie stars there, such as Loyd Bridges, Ed Sullivan etc. So this was quite a while ago. In the picture, my buddy Franklin Rolle (right) and I are on our way to Miami for the day. They look like shady characters, but they aren't. They're employees of the hotel. I discovered the music, like the Jamaica Ska, which is now a part of the genre of Reggae. Listen to some of this music from the land of sea and sun.

      Having finished my work in the Bahamas, I flew to New Orleans, bought a good camera and from there to Mexico. At the time, you needed a passport to get in, so my bus was waiting and I was stuck. What should I do? A lovely Mexican girl from the other bus going to Mexico asked if she could help. She arranged a visa for me and I was on my way, but not until she offered her address in Mexico. She and her cousins showed me the city and their school which was amazing. It had an Olympic size swimming pool with high diving boards and all. These people were wonderful and I was not used to this kind of hospitality. Her name was Leticia Orueta. I lost touch with these wonderful people and I regret it. Here is a picture.

      I just have to make a comment about the American people from my Finnish-Canadian perspective. They are some of the most kind, generous, wonderful people you could ever meet. Everywhere I went, they graciously opened their homes to me, an honest well-dressed traveler who was tired and had to sleep on the side of the road or in cars that picked me up. On one occasion, and this is the honest truth, a man who was a salesman for Yellow Pages picked me up. I was hitch-hiking from Miami Fl to Victoria BC after crossing the Atlantic from Rotterdam. He drove me around Billings Montana and showed me the sights. The Battle of the Little Bighorn, also known as Custer's Last Stand and, by the Lakota Sioux, as The Battle of The Greasy Grass, took place on June 25th, 1876 on a bend of the Little Bighorn River in what is now Big Horn County in southeastern Montana. Then...he didn't take me back onto the road, He took me to his home and told me the key was under the doormat. He and his family were going away for the weekend and I could come later and use their house but leave things the way you found it. I humbly honored his request and didn't touch a thing except the TV. That shows you the goodness that can be in human nature. As I said, I have never met a finer people, not even in Finland. God save America, from Obama!

      I have a biology degree from the University of Victoria (B.C., Canada) in Zoology (Marine Biology) but ended up an Engineering Assistant for the Ministry of Transportation. It has been a great ride, all over BC, every corner, building or improving highways, managing contracts, checking plans, surveying. My outfit has come down to the present from the early days of the Royal Canadian Engineers who built the railroads, roads and bridges from East to West. My duties were what Civil Engineers do, but on the Construction end, checking, approving and implementing the design and supervising contractors. At times I did the entire $1-2 million job by hiring equipment; other times the work involved bridge retrofit, or road repair - whatever and wherever the Provincial road system required. My credentials were from courses and home study in Civil Engineering and passing the Provincial exams for different levels of responsibility. At the time I started, this was possible, but no longer. You must have at least an Engineering Diploma from an Institute of Technology or be on your way to getting an Engineering Degree. In the early days, my Mechanical Engineering from SAIT, and degree were a good place to start. My job was inspector of highway and bridge construction and actually building highways and interchanges in locations all over British Columbia. Thinking back, I had a good time and saw a lot of the world, so no regrets.

      Jamaica Ska: Wings of a Dove

      We arrived on the Pacific Coast from Sudbury. My father had bought a house on Long Lake after working in Canada for one year, having started from nothing. Try doing that today. Anyway, we house-sit for a few months in South Vancouver until my father got us an apartment to live in. These were tough times. We lived in the Italian section of Vancouver for two years before moving to Victoria BC. One day as I was in a hardware store, I found a dime and brought it over to the counter. The clerk was sure surprised, probably the first time that someone had done that! The next Christmas a package was delivered to our apartment - a Meccano Set, that you can build many things with. That was perfect for me. It came from the hardware store. Another thing I remember is that I believe it was the United Church, sent us kids to summer camp at Crescent Beach. I never forgot that gesture and I still believe that God had done that for us, somehow. I told my mom that I wanted to give shoes to the African children when I saw pictures of them. Recently I bought 200 pairs for a Christian organization that was working over there.

      My mother was a Christian woman and I am interested in the unseen spiritual world as well as the entire universe. I believe that God used natural processes to create the universe, just as natural processes proceed today. That doesn't mean that He does not intervene at times, but also He has left us a legacy through Jesus. What I mean by this is that God does not have to do every darn thing; we also have the power and authority to "speak to our mountain" and affect our own lives through faith in God's Word. And as for the claim that the Bible is just a fairy tale, I can tell you it is not and you can find this out for yourself if you want. Start here. I realize this is not a popular concept today; we believe that we, by our own prowess and ability can do it all by ourselves. I disagree; everything we do ends up in some form of evil. For example, I am a biologist. I am disgusted with what is happening with our knowledge of genetics, which is being used to alter living organisms such as corn, to a different design which is called "better." However, this GMO food causes great problems with animals and people that eat this garbage. No problem says Monsanto, we will get the government to hide the information from consumers by not requesting that food be labelled as GMO. The result is that the government is forcing us to eat garbage or pay double for proper food, if it can be found.

      It's amazing how many people have an angel story. One of my friends was a mountain climber and he had a rock fall on him during a climb that took his friend's head off. He was injured but survived. An angel came to tell him his friend, a Christian, was safe on the other side. He is now a Christian himself.

      My angel story takes place in Trinidad where the freighter I was working my way to Europe on stopped at Trinidad to load Manganese Ore. I went into town with some Norwegian sailors. I got separated and passed out on a boulevard after going to the Carnival. It was 8AM. A "taxi driver" stopped to see if I was OK. My ship was due to leave at 9 AM. Do such coincidences happen? Well, there's more. I had no money but she took me to the ship. I made it with a few minutes to spare. I believe in angels, something good in every thing I see...I have a dream.

      My favorite spots to hike have been: Vancouver Island and Queen Charlotte Islands.

      Best wishes to all of you somewhere out there in cyberspace. From the shores of the beautiful Pacific Ocean... Thank you for dropping by to visit!

      British Columbia Canada

    Sincerely, Osmo Joronen

    Email: osmo_joronen at

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