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Mission: To go bravely where few have gone before, to expose strange new diseases and useless research and cures, medical frauds, such as the $9 Billion per year AIDS research program and the cancer research scam, and offer common sense alternatives. (What, no cure and all that money? Oh, but this is a tough one, right? All scientists look to the scientist to their right and nod and then left, and nod and say together: "Right! This is a tough one!" Repeat several times. Like a bunch of little munchkins.) ...To let the people know the truth, that the value of life now is measured in dollars, and if you follow the money trail, it will take you to an army of highly paid experts (or should we say munchkins). This page will show which methods exactly are more likely to have the high set of moral and ethical values: the alternative, natural medicines, such as Lapacho=Taheebo=Pau D'Arco tea and Essiac tea, or the "researched" drugs which doctors are bribed to dispense and politicians are bribed to protect. This is done to discourage the afflicted from getting trapped into and becoming part of this scam and losing their lives in the process.

This is huge because the medical system being broken is taking down attempts to create a workable national medical insurance plan for all. The price of medicine, much of which kills the patient, is way too high. Medicine is designed to keep the people buying, not to cure the patient. What's broken is the pharmaceutical stranglehold on what doctors can prescribe in the way of medicine and procedures, and what is taught in medical school. There is too little emphasis on prevention as well. That's because they don't want to prevent disease, they want to sell medicine to sick people. What's needed is to open up alternative medicine that work better and cost a fraction of present allopathic (as opposed to naturopathic) medicine. Chemo Therapy should be made illegal! We'll show you something that costs much less and works better while not injuring the patient. Globalists don't want to save people from diseases, as they have stated over and over again that they want to reduce the human population by 80%. Why would they support change in the system that is making them even richer than they already are. I have no problem with people being as rich as they can be legitimately, but not at the expense of sick bodies. There is no medical plan that can sustain the high costs of medicine and procedures. Crazy Medicine must be exchanged for low cost healing medicine. Healing doesn't happen by throwing money and crazy medicine at a sickness. It happens by determining and reversing the cause. You can help by putting this page on your Facebook. Ready to rumble? Good, let's go!

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Further, this whole process is being accelerated by the drive towards globalization where profits are put ahead of humans. The multinationals (and often the military) had a great idea: let's use people as guinea pigs. As you know, the larger the test sample, the better. The large drug companies are entrusted with dispensing harmless drugs, but they have been guilty in the past of tampering with supplies, or putting drugs they know to be dangerous on the market,  in order to benefit themselves. And this is what the drug companies want if we will sit back and do nothing. They will see how much the public can take and keep pushing until something stops them. And governments are going along with it. The attitude is that we don't have to properly test food and drugs because we can take care of any problems later when we discover the disaster they caused. Genetically Modified Food is a good example. It has not been tested and independent research shows that they harm the intestinal fauna and flora of test animals. Therefore will harm ours. Government is not protecting the people because the scientists there go back and forth into industry and will not act against their bosses who will compensate them for their work in the government on their behalf. The system is broken by scientists going back and forth into FDA and Industry just as Congressmen go back and forth into industry that bribes them for protection. These conflicts of interest must be removed before America can really be great, again. And industry will be only too happy to cooperate then with more drugs. So you see, we have drawn a line in the sand with governments and big business, together with bribed doctors and researchers, on one side and the people on the other. This is not to say that profit is bad, but profit should not be the top consideration. Medical software companies can operate ethically while still turning a profit. If drug companies were as ethical as medical software companies, the whole healthcare industry would be much better off.

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Origins Of Medical Industry Corruption

Chemo And Radiation Kill The Patient 97%

Dr. Lorraine Day Refused Chemo And Radiation And Lives

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Distilled Water The Shocking Truth
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Prozac: Crazy Medicine Killings

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Paralyzed Woman Walks After 23 Years

The Canadian government recently tried to push an antibiotic drug through the system for approval, (no need to test it because it has been already in the United States) but one person, an employee, made a big fuss to try and prevent it from being used in Canada. He succeeded to some extent at great personal risk and it turned out he was right to question, and the drug was pulled in the U.S. - after the damage had been done. Remember that antibiotics, whether animal or human, are the drugs that create super bugs and we cannot allow that.

Wasn't it the British Government that allowed cows to be fed back to cows which are absolute vegetarians, causing Mad Cow Disease? Yes, that brought it to our attention, but many countries including USA and Canada were doing the same thing until the Brits blew the lid off the practice. Factory farms feed "by-pass protein" supplements to cows, which is often animal protein, even dead cows which should not be used for anything. Animal products, possibly bovine sources, can also be found in the most unsuspecting products such as some sugar (purified through animal bone char), gelatin products etc. So you may be getting it from sources you least suspect. Why would the British government allow such a practice which is a danger to everyone's health? And then there were the chemical and biological British tests performed on the population. The US government is no better. So to say that the government is your special friend is an exaggeration when it comes to your health and safety. They basically back the drug companies, not you.

Pictures of prions, the abnormal proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease.

Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease may be here - Province, June 3, 2001

The Vancouver Province reported that "Health Canada warns humans and animals may be quietly incubating deadly plague." If they say "may be" it means they "are." Province, May 21, 2003, reported "shockwaves over Mad Cow disease." Canadian beef exports were banned to ease fears over the safety of food supplies. The article stated that it is safe to eat meat and it is extremely low risk. The diseased animal is supposed to be "the only one." The truth is that we don't know how many are out there because not all animals are tested and it takes a long time to develop symptoms. The news media spreads the news that the disease is only in the central nervous system, and you are safe if you don't eat brains. Well, this gives you a false sense of security because the very saw that bisects the cow's CNS also infects the products it touches. It is impossible to sterilize with normal methods (autoclave) whatever becomes contaminated. As an update to the above, in 2003 a United States Mad Cow was traced to Alberta. The question everyone is asking is, how many more are there that went undetected, because not all cows are tested. I have even heard it said that infected cows are not dangerous if the diseased parts are not used. These people are simply misinformed, and if you cut a mad cow in half and then go ahead and use the same equipment on a hundred or more other cows, this meat could be infected.

Some people think it is a sin to eat meat. It is not. But, there is a good reason some SDA members live several years longer than those of any other Christian denomination. However, if your faith is weak in meat, you should not eat it, and the Bible says nobody is to condemn you for it. Every time I see an animal, I connect with it in some way, and there is no way I could kill or even eat it. I found myself eating less of my animal friends every day until I became virtually vegetarian. I'd rather play with them, not kill them. The biologist in me I guess. So, my faith in meat today is weak; I avoid it. If your faith in it is better than mine, you will probably eat it. Therefore, there are only common sense reasons to avoid meat.

Ex-cattle rancher Howard Lyman believes that Mad Cow Disease is in America, and Canada, so it is no surprise that Ottawa now reports its existence. Today many cattle ranchers do not eat meat, like Mr. Lyman. The government says BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) "could be" quietly incubating among cattle and unsuspecting humans as nvCJD (new variant Creutzfeldt-Jacobs Disease). This is not a strong enough statement. It all boils down to risk-benefit analysis, which causes the government to down-play the risk, knowing they don't have to worry about its effects, which could take 10 years or more to develop into symptoms similar to Alzheimer's Disease and nobody will touch such a brain to see if it was CJD. They can never clean their equipment or their premises - that is how infectious it is. Once a blade, including a band saw at the slaughter house, has touched an infected brain, and saws cut through the brain, it is permanently infected, and continues to infect all meat passing that point. The whole plant should be shut down because you can't disinfect it. Time to start eating veggie burgers. Hamburgers are often made of 100 cows, any one of which could be infected thus passing on the CJD prion to every piece of meat in the house, and eventually you the consumer. You and millions of others will be incubating CJD, for which there is no cure. Also there are many products out there made from bovine sources including capsules. All are potentially sources of Mad Cow Disease. Try to avoid them at all cost. If you are raising beef cattle, check the feed bag to ensure it does not contain animal protein. If it says protein is added, there is a good chance it is bovine source. Dog and cat food also may contain remains of dead animals such as cows, cats and dogs. Feed your pets vegan diets, but add torine to the cat's diet which is only available in meat. Cats are strict meat eaters.

Prozac Backlash : Overcoming the Dangers of Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and Other Antidepressants With Safe, Effective Alternatives by Joseph Glenmullen

Note: the author of this page is not an MD. To have common sense, you don't have to be. He is a biologist, and all opinions are based on that background. But also, the writer's Finnish/Karelian father was a trained and gifted practitioner of, among other things, some ancient arts of acupressure, which helped thousands of doctors' rejects. He was an expert in referred pain, and had developed his own theory. He related that his patients called him "doctor" instead of Andy, which he preferred. When some refused to call him by name, he would politely say "My name is Andy" - to which they would reply "yes doctor." One of the most amazing cases I recall was a girl with a particular type of epilepsy. The mother had heard of my father's work and asked him if he could cure epilepsy. My father said he didn't know because he had never tried. A cranial examination revealed lesions at certain places where calcium had deposited. He gently worked those areas with his amazing hands, and the patient passed out. The mother said not to worry because it had happened before. The treatments continued and the girl was cured. All of dad's patients were ordered to do salt baths regularly, using 1/4 bag of coarse salt. Also, dad used some old tested cures. I have seen dad cure his kidney stones by drinking copious quantities of lemonade, minus the sugar, and pass the stones in his urine. To stabilize pH he also used apple cider vinegar and was very conscious of the need to control acid conditions. In another case of a young person, too weak to board the school bus, dad prescribed Cod Liver Oil mixed in orange juice. The results were remarkable. The boy, who was assisted aboard the bus every morning, soon walked up on his own. He explained that the liver is like an animal, in order to get the Cod Liver Oil past the hungry liver, it had to be mixed with orange juice. Increase in elimination and control of body acidity were some of his methods to normalize the body's internal chemistry. So that is why the limitations of standard medicine is well understood and why I have a unique perspective on alternative medicine. Many of the promising alternatives were killed as infant protocols at various stages of development by men who grew to be some of the richest men in the world. Often we hear medical "authorities" on the radio or TV saying that if such and such were proven, they would be selling or promoting it. Mostly, they are speaking from the perspective of their medical training which knows nothing of these methods, because they are developing in the grass roots, or are imported.

The concern is this: increase in drug-resistant bugs, increasing epidemics, pandemics and high cost of medical care, drugs and the fact that cheaper efficacious treatments are often blocked by powerful conflicting interests. Preventive medicine such as the ten natural laws of health as explained by Dr. Lorraine Day, and natural cancer remedies such as Lapacho tea, could help to maintain a healthy population for a fraction of current "drugs/operation" costs. How many times has your doctor tried to educate you on how to avoid getting sick? Would he or she rather fix what's wrong after you're sick? That is how they are taught in medical school. Prevention would keep the population healthy with the burden lifted from medical care system, which is breaking down everywhere. If you are a doctor, or medical practitioner, please look into prevention and natural alternatives. Remember, you can't really heal the patient unless you reverse the cause.

Dr. Lorraine Day - Madame Doctor/Whistle Blower

I have added this section after viewing Dr. Day's video. She is the medical profession's loudest whistle-blower I have ever witnessed, and whose views you should study in depth if you wish to understand, not only how to get well, but the whole Pharmaceutical/Medical systems under which we all live or die.

In Dr. Day's video "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" she explains how the system works. American Medical Association, one of America's strongest unions, works for the benefit of, not the people, but doctors. They lobby for their best interests, not yours. American Cancer Society is no better: just get a check-up and give us a check. The $400,000,000 collected from the people annually goes not to medical research, but mostly to keeping the huge organization's employees on the payroll. A fraction goes to prevention, showing where their priorities are. And when they do make a statement, such as about eating vegetables, it only reiterates what the alternative medicine people have said all along. I'll bet you thought it went to research. Only a small amount of it does. National Cancer Institute: they are supposed to be involved in cancer research, but we get nothing but the old cutting, burning and poisoning. When they make any statement, it usually just says what we've said all along, that, for example, carrots (my Holland Lop is right) can prevent cancer. They don't mention that they play any part in a potential cure though.

They wanted to do a mastectomy on Dr. Day, but she refused. She did let them cut out the lump and whatever they could get. Critics use this against her, saying surgery cured her. But the cancer was proven to have spread out all over her body. Another doctor who refused chemo and radiation.

Nothing changes, there is no "magic bullet." If they do radiation, they could destroy your insides, and often it may only increase your chances of survival by perhaps 5% and often less. What's the good of that? Did you know that if they found an inexpensive cancer cure tomorrow, all of the above would have to pack up and close shop. So why would they do that? Why would they want to lose their jobs? The answer is, they are scared of losing their jobs to some natural, inexpensive cure. They protect themselves by attacking those who cure cancer with natural cures, or lie about test results as in the case of Laetrile, which is apricot pits, now against the law to use for cancer. The news media picked up only "the results were negative" while the fellow who did the tests, was trying to get his word in. The results were in fact positive.

Pharmaceutical companies control the media. They either own them or are major advertisers. So you never hear about these cures, or if you do it is in the negative. We only know these facts from defectors from this unholy system, like Dr. Lorraine Day and others.

For those who don't know, Dr. Lorraine Day faced cancer of the breast, which had spread throughout her lymphatic system and muscles of her chest. As a leading surgeon, she knew what they did to people with cancer and she refused to go along, even when the cancer doctor refused to treat her unless she complied with either 1)mastectomy 2)radiation or 3)chemotherapy. She asked the doctor: my immune system is the most important factor in my fight against cancer. Why should I let you destroy it?

In the British Medical Journal Lancet, 1975, a report compared the survival rates of:
1)Single Chemo
2)Multiple Chemo
3)No Chemo
What do you think had the best chance for survival and quality of remaining life? No chemo of course. Dr. Allen Levin states: "Most cancer patients die of the chemo."

The American Cancer Society charter says they must disband when they find a cure. This means there is a negative incentive to find a cure, which explains why one has not been found.

With so much opposition, how has alternative medicine made any headway at all? It is often through congressmen who have been cured by these alternative means. Take ex-congressman Berkley Bedell. Cedar Rapids Gazette, Iowa: Congressman Bedell "blasts medical establishment, credits alternative medicine for his cure from prostate cancer and Lyme disease." He warns there are powerful forces in the government and corporate medical monopolies that are making unconventional medicine inaccessible to the general public. Bedell, a member of the ad hoc advisory committee to the new Federal Office for Alternative Medicine also called for the dismissal of Joseph Jacobs, who is the director of the Office for Alternative Medicine, citing his lack of commitment needed to challenge these powerful forces in the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and others that oppose alternative medicine. See Chemotherapy

Child, Husband, Wife Killers

The antidepressant Drugs: Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil belong to a group of drugs called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Dr. Anne Blake-Tracy has done a lot of research on the effects of antidepressants. Not everyone has a toxic reaction to these drugs, but a significant number of people do, perhaps 10% of the population. Their livers are not able to metabolize these drugs. The results are often disastrous. This is Dr. Tracy's warning to the world. It is best to stay away from them, but most doctors do not know about the dangers because the drug companies are so good at keeping it secret. The drug companies usually settle out of court and place a gag order on the survivors.

Typically, it begins when someone visits their trusted doctor as in the case of this one woman in question. The doctor says, "gee, why don't you try some Zoloft." Six weeks later the patient and her son are dead. In three weeks, she started to have some serious adverse reactions to the drug, so he cut her dosage in half. Of course that wasn't enough. She was having a compulsion for alcohol that often comes with these drugs. If you have a tendency to low blood sugar, you have a craving, not only for sweets, but also alcohol. Then you have a magnification effect by using those two together.

If the drug is not having the desired effect (the patient gets worse), the doctor then increases the dose in many cases, doubling or tripling the dose and the danger. This was the case in the Yates murder trial: she could not metabolize the drugs which were given to her double dose - so she had a psychotic break which is so familiar with this group of drugs. In one such case, a police officer's dose was tripled. Two weeks later, he ran into a police sub-station in plain clothes, shooting. He did not come out alive. That case has been settled by the drug company. They paid off the family of the police officer and the officer he shot. In the end it is the "insanity" that gets the blame, and like Yates, they are locked up and given more of these drugs they can't metabolize and they live out the rest of their lives in hell. Getting off these drugs is often the first step to recovery.

These drugs do the same thing to the brain as LSD and PCP, which cause psychotic breaks with reality. All of these drugs, regardless of their chemistry, do the same thing: they cause a dangerous increase in brain Serotonin.

The drug's description: "Fluoxetine (Prozac family of drugs) is extensively metabolized by the liver to norfluoxetine." This is not always so. It has been estimated that perhaps 90% of mothers that murdered their children, who initially only had a minor problem, were on a Prozac family of drugs. They often act out their worst fears. If that fear is that something terrible will happen to their children, their children could end up dead, like in the Yates case. (She has been railroaded into a life inside an insane asylum! It was the fault of the drug, in my opinion.)

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines rare as occurring in less than one in 1,000 people. (The drug company's expert witness at Yates' trial testified that reactions to the drug are rare. Other experts such as Dr. Ann Blake Tracy say one in ten cannot metabolize these powerful drugs and their condition gets worse.) In the U.S. alone, about 19.2 million prescriptions for Effexor were filled last year. If my math is correct, they feel that exposing 19,200 people to a possible psychotic break that might end in suicide or murder, is OK. When Yates was found not guilt by insanity, TV and radio had a field day with that. They were trying to decide what would be a suitable punishment for her. My question is: what is a suitable punishment for the drug company that caused the whole thing?
A lot of money is being made from the misery of innocent people. Because of these and other serious drawbacks to these drugs, they should be outlawed right along with LSD, PCP and the rest of these dangerous drugs. The doctors who give these drugs to patients don't even check to see what the causes are. What's the cure for dehydration or poor nutrition, Prozac? It could actually be something as simple as low blood sugar or dehydration. (Dr. L. Day) But a doctor who is busy labelling the "disease" may prescribe some drug that matches the diagnosis, one that has dangerous side effects.

When choosing your medicine and listening to "experts" you should be cautious and know as much or more about various treatment options than your doctor; your life could depend on it. Use anecdotal information about treatments the same way you would anecdotal information about a good doctor, or dentist. You can't necessarily scientifically prove (and you may be dead before such proof) they are good doctors, but word of mouth evidence is powerful. If doctors got paid for actually curing a person, I bet they would change.
Doctors simply do not want to stray into doing something the herd of doctors don't do.

Bottom Line: cheaper, safer, more effective therapies are out there - leave your " holistic - example " options open. Consult your doctor, work with him if possible. Your birthright is to know what is out there. A billion dollars a day around the world is spent on cancer alone. Cancer still has not been cured. Figure it out, what do you think drives this whole business? Putting profits first (and I believe in free enterprise, but not at the cost of lives) is the greatest crime against humanity, and it was started by the Rockefeller Foundation, which funds only medical research that pays back, such as drugs, and blocks other protocols. What chances do cheaper and better medicines have of getting grants with people like that on University boards? With regards to electrical stimulation, the Rockefeller/Flexner Report of 1910 attempted to discredit electromedicine in order to increase pharmaceutical profits, and many other protocols got similar treatment. Pharmaceuticals' appeal is in that a diagnosis can be easily paired with a drug, with "known" results and there is a feeling that all diseases can be cured if we only had the right drug. Alternatives probably mean sending a patient to a practitioner, many of whom are not recognized, or medical insurance does not cover - a little more complicated. Here are Dr. Day's 10 Steps to healing from Cancer or any other disease:

Dr Lorraine Day's 10 steps to Wellness - 10 Natural Laws

See recipes.
See also book: Make Your Juicer Your Drug Store (what Must I Do?)

    1. Proper Nutrition - 30% of all cancer could be prevented through good diet, preferably Vegan. Fruits, grains, vegetables - 3 servings fresh, unprocessed, organic + 8 carrot juices (add apple for flavor) throughout day - in between meals - get a juicer that presses the juice out. Herbal teas like taheebo or essiac. Not too much protein. Try sprouting and eating more raw. Cooking food kills enzymes. No genetically modified products - that global companies are pushing on us!
    2. Exercise - 4 hours per week - reduces 66% incidence rate for breast cancer.
    3. Water - We are 75% water - dehydration, major cause of disease. Water is best detoxifier. Use chlorine-free water only.
    4. Sunlight - boosts immune system, reduces size of tumors, not too much though.
    5. Temperance - elimination of all harmful chemicals - carcinogens, gum food, processed foods, drugs, all medications but not instantly, gradually - step by step
    6. Fresh Air. Indoor air doubles cancer growth speed. Hospital air not good - full of germs, little if any fresh air. Cancer doesn't like oxygen. Do deep breathing exercises
    7. Proper sleep. By 9:30 p.m. at least. Body needs to recuperate
    8. Stress Relief, stress major cause of disease, read the Bible. God promises to heal all your diseases if you keep His commandments.
    What you put in your mind is as important as your food.
    Every negative thought must go.
    9. Attitude of gratitude - learn to Trust in God. You need to change everything, need faith in God. Sickness does not glorify God. He wants you well.
    A person who is enthusiastic and committed to a recovery program is much more likely to survive.
    10. Have a Spirit of benevolence - don't focus on self too much, pray for others.

    All 10 steps are free, except food which we need anyway.
    Drugs never cure disease - we do, (With God's help) cancer is not chemo deficiency. Dr. Day believes that to be cured we must reverse the cause. We cannot cure a disease by doing something completely unrelated to the cause.

    Modern medicine does not use science correctly. If they did, they would set up the problem differently. Independent variables and dependent variables are the stuff of true science. Independent variables cause changes in the dependent variable. By manipulating the independent variable, we can determine the cause of the phenomenon, the dependent variable. We can't cheat and force changes in the dependent variable, but this is what medical science does. Because they cheat, the cause may still be there so think before you allow anyone to do anything to you. Dr. Day wants you to use God's plan which includes forgiveness of your sins, which means you must forgive others, then healing can begin. We all know when we have done wrong, just make it right, and don't carry anger around. She wants you to view your disease as something you caused, which you must reverse, and the cure can only come from within you. Modern medicine tends to let you off the hook to some extent and attempts to heal you artificially, independent of your lifestyle, with drugs. What you eat does determine how long you live. Seventh Day Adventists live several years longer than others, probably because they are vegetarians and eat healthier foods.

    Whenever Jesus cured a person, (he cured everyone of all their diseases by forgiving them of their sins) he commanded them to sin no more lest a worse thing comes upon them. Now, there is no reason you could not receive healing by a miracle of Devin healing. God never changes. But it involves not continuing to do things that caused it and the avoidance of things that cause more damage. Chemo and Radiation destroy your immune system, which you need to be healed. Cancer cells are mutant cells. Medical physiology textbooks state that "all cancers are caused by a failure of the immune system to destroy mutant cells". Obviously, the workable solution for cancer is to strengthen the immune system of the body! The Pharmaceutical giants go around trying to convince us that only they can cure you; your immune system is not capable of doing its job...So, it is a useless cure that depresses the immune system while trying to "cure" a disease caused by a failure of the immune system. You must start to investigate for yourself. Doctors admit that they do not know how to cure cancer. All they can do is cut, poison or burn it out potentially causing your body a lot of harm, according to Dr. Day.

Alternative Therapies and Case Histories


I don't know about you, but in my neighborhood I have seen too many people dying of cancers (and circulatory diseases) of various kinds. I don't believe there is a family around today who has not been touched by this nasty family destroying disease, including my mother. Before you accept treatment for say Cancer, HIV, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (catch phrase for "we don't know the cause") ask the doctor what his batting average is. The cure rate where we live is terrible. My son's friend's father, dead from colon cancer; daughter's friend's mother, dead from breast cancer, another of her friend's father, dying (update: dead) of brain cancer; wife's friend battling uterine cancer for the second time, and on and on. (And, on Christmas Eve 2000, my son's friend's dad, who had been treated for heart problems before, dropped dead of a massive heart attack leaving a wife and two nice teenage twin boys behind.) Although I hate to be negative, I am wondering why these people were not cured. We are told that life spans are increasing, but my senses tell me this is not so since all diseases have increased, not decreased. So they are just playing with statistics and all the increased survival rates are at the front end. There are fewer babies and mothers dying at childbirth. You would expect at least half to be cured, with all this talk of modern drugs and methods. The simple fact is, there are protocols that work better than drugs for the top killers.

Just a brief word about AIDS, which has become a big business. The AIDS researchers are basically at the public trough, and you can't get them away. Unfortunately it too has become a scam with AIDS patients as the victims. The problem is that many second-rate researchers found themselves in an excellent position to suck a living from the dying bodies of poor AIDS victims. There is a lot of evidence the HIV virus is not the cause, or the main cause, of the disease - and the fact that key persons have chickened out from discussing the topic publicly, is enough to implicate them. You see, they claim there is this other herpes virus that has been found in the organs affected in the disease - and the HIV was not there at all. Top Researcher in AIDS

Ozone, Politics and Money

by Geoffrey Rogers

Geoffrey Rogers filmed the investigative documentary, Ozone and the Politics of Medicine, in five different countries over seven years. gathering clinical and scientific evidence supporting the use of ozone in medicine. It has since won awards at three international film festivals. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently selected it as one of the outstanding documentaries of 1994. It has also been refused by CBC, CTV, PBS and other networks and has yet to be broadcast.

I began researching ozone therapy almost 10 years ago, after my father became the first doctor in Canada to use the treatment. It has fascinated me primarily because of the staggering implications for modern medicine, but also because it has been largely ignored in North America.
For almost a century, ozone has been used to safely sterilize water. Today it is acknowledged as the very best method available. And for almost 100 years, doctors and scientists have been discovering benefits from its use in medicine. Yet why has it taken so long for ozone to come to the attention of the modern medical mainstream?

Because ozone is invisible and highly unstable, early research was difficult. It is a natural gas and easy to make, thus lacking appeal as a proprietary medicine. As a result, it has been championed by doctors (good for you docs) and not by drug companies, and the majority of the data represents doctors' findings rather than derived from scientific or sponsored studies. Peer-reviewed journals are the gatekeepers of information for the scientific mainstream and many will only accept data from controlled studies. Doctors' findings are routinely dismissed as "anecdotal" unless the data was gathered in a controlled repeatable manner. No other medications can be used by the patients. There must be a consistency in the condition being treated and there must be enough patients to indicate a pattern.

In Germany where doctors are allowed to use any treatment they wish, ozone has not had to pass the scrutiny of federal regulatory officials. Consequently only a handful of the hundreds of medical papers from Germany have been based on controlled studies none of them by the government.

But it would be a mistake to discount the extensive experience of so many doctors. A 1980 survey, reyiewed by the German Society of Pathologists, found that 90 per cent of therapists that treated 384,000 different patients reported "good" to "'very good" results. The incidence of side-effects was .0007 per cent per treatment, one of the lowest for any medical treatment!

Several hundred delegates attended the 12th World Ozone Congress in France in May, 1995, coordinated by the International Ozone Association. Held every other year, the congresses are primarily concerned with commercial purification of water with ozone, although medical applications are also addressed.

This year doctors and scientists from Germany, Cuba, Russia, Italy and other countries presented studies indicating benefit in the treatment of glaucoma, brain strokes, ischemic and cardiopathy, sports and preventive medicine, cancer, circulatory disorders. orthopedics, pediatrics, intestinal immune system disorders, disease of the joints, rheumatoid arthritis, neurodermatitis, genital diseases, dermatological conditions, threatened pregnancies, deafness and other conditions.
The director of the Cuban Center For Ozone Research estimated more than 30,000 people have now been treated in government hospitals and clinics. A Russian delegate estimated more than 100,000 people have been treated there with ozone. Millions have been treated in Germany, where thousands of machines are being used daily. And yet in North America. the treatment is available only in the underground.

In 1987 the Canadian military began research into ozone's potential to sterilize blood with very exciting results, including inactivation of the HIV virus, without harming healthy white blood cells in-vitro. A 100 per cent safe sterilization of contaminated blood transfusions in a major monkey study was completed in 1993. A second monkey study was completed this year at Cornell University, financed by the Canadian government. The International Red Cross has known for years about the Canadian research and yet has released no information publicly.

In the United States, the story is more ominous. The US National Institutes of Health have so far failed to research ozone, and even the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine has neglected to include it in its modest but eclectic studies of alternative therapies. Despite extensive data submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration, in May 1993 the FDA Director for AIDS Coordination testified before a US Congressional sub-committee and stated that ozone had no medical value and was instead an example of medical fraud. To date there has been no public retraction from the FDA on the matter. Disturbing too has been the refusal of the national media to properly investigate the situation. Even after reviewing Ozone and the Politics of Medicine, producers at CBC and NBC both came out with stories that completely ignored the scientific evidence and instead questioned ozone's validity.

Meanwhile, ozone use is mushrooming in the grassroots, both in Canada and the United States, as desperate people search for hope. It's time to recognize the treatment and establish standards. Alive Magazine

The Breath of Life

Ozone is an 'unstable' form of oxygen which can be created using an electric charge, or naturally in the atmosphere. As well as being found in the upper atmosphere where it shields us from harmful ultraviolet radiation, ozone is also used to purify drinking water in cities around the world: Montreal, Paris, Moscow and Los Angeles, to name a few. But because of ozone's high profile as either water disinfectant or Eco-headache, its therapeutic properties are still overlooked.

Oxygen and Ozone Benefits

Oxygen is both the giver and sustainer of life. Our bodies use oxygen through the process of oxidation, breathing it in and breaking it down like any other nutrient into a form which can be used by the blood cells. About 90 per cent of the body's energy is created by oxygen. It regulates every activity of the human organism, from brain function and digestion through to the ability to think and feel. Many diseases - including the ones mentioned above - are thought to have their root cause in an insufficiency of oxygen.

Ozone therapy uses a mixture of normal oxygen and its unstable form, ozone. Ozone dissolves 15 times faster in the blood than normal oxygen, so the mixture improves the blood's viscosity and enhances the circulation. Once it's in the blood, the ozone's extra molecule oxygen sticks to anything without antioxidant protection. Healthy cells have this protection built in, but viruses, fungi and bacteria do not. Weakened by the ozone, they become susceptible to the body's natural defenses.

The most common way of introducing ozone into the blood is by a process known as 'major autohemotherapy'. The treatment is remarkably simple. One hundred millilitres of blood - about a teacup's worth - is removed from the patient and stored in an infusion bottle. Then, a mixture of oxygen-ozone (99.95 % oxygen to 0.05 % ozone produced by passing oxygen through an electric field) is forced into the the bottle and mixed by gentle shaking. As ozone molecules dissolve into the blood they give up oxygen atoms, which attack viruses and bacteria - anything without antioxidant protection - but don't harm the blood (when administered according to a strict protocol). The strengthened blood is reintroduced intravenously into the patient and imparts some of the disinfecting properties to the rest of their blood as it's circulated.

In 1989 GP Dr. Simi Khanna, felt so ill that she was forced to give up her medical practice and spent nine months in and out of hospitals fighting a fever and arthritis which left her almost completely immobile. She was so ill that at one stage she was diagnosed with lymphoma - mis-diagnosed, as it turned out. Oxygen-ozone therapy was brought to her attention by a colleague, so Dr. Khanna sent a blood sample to a clinic in Germany. Soon, she received word that oxygen-ozone therapy would help her get well, and was helped onto a plane. It was a last resort.

'When I went to Germany I thought I was dying,' says Dr. Khanna. 'I was in a lot of pain, and I could barely move. My program of therapy included diet, supplements, physiotherapy and ozone therapy. All the things helped but the oxygen-ozone therapy made the difference - on days when I didn't get it the pain and fever would come back.

Dr. Khanna began to feel better after a month of treatment, and with three months she returned to Britain feeling greatly improved. Later she returned to Germany for another month of treatment, but also to begin training in oxygen-ozone therapy herself. Today, she practices the therapy at her clinic in Richmond, Surrey. 'There's no doubt in my mind that oxygen-ozone therapy saved my life.' says Dr. Khanna, 'and it helps many of my patients too. It's a very versatile therapy.'

Over 23,000 licensed health practitioners on the continent now use autohemotherapy and other applications of oxygen-ozone in their practices, either alone or as a complement to other therapies. They treat patients for circulatory and heart problems, colonic disorders, cancers, auto-immune diseases, burns, ulcers, arthritis, and fungal, bacterial and viral infections - including HIV. Oxygen-ozone therapy remains largely unknown in the UK. Why?

One conspiracy theory is that drug companies ensure that the public is kept in the dark. After all, no one can patent oxygen, it can't be stored, and the equipment needed to produce it is relatively cheap. But a more likely reason for the low profile of oxygen therapies is that the treatments are not offered by many UK therapists. There were only 13 clinics listed by the first British conference on oxygen therapies in 1994.

Bad press is also cited by doctors and naturopaths as being partly responsible for ozone therapy's low profile - some accuse the British media of scaremongering. On June 5, 1994, The Independent on Sunday ran an article headlined 'Health fears over doctors' use of ozone,' which claimed the Department of Health (DoH) had begun an investigation into oxygen therapies. However, DoH spokesperson Susan Givens called it 'puzzling.' 'We don't investigate people or therapies,' she told HH. 'General clinicians can prescribe what's required and DoH doesn't attempt to prejudice clinical decisions.'

Treatments are given on an out-patient basis. Very mild side effects - skin reaction - have been reported, but are very rare. People who shouldn't use oxygen-ozone therapy include those who've recently had a heart attack or internal bleeding; people with hyperthyroidism, and those whose platelet count is low. 'Oxygen-ozone therapy is part of a holistic approach and each person is treated according to their needs,' says Dr. Khanna.

Symptoms of MS Cured

Paula, 43, discovered oxygen-ozone therapy relieved the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS).
'Three years ago I began experiencing numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, vision problems, loss of power and coordination, and had difficulty working. I knew it was multiple sclerosis even before it was diagnosed, because my dad died from MS and I saw what he went through.

I didn't accept my neurologist's opinion that I could do nothing, so I began investigating possible treatments. Eventually, I read about oxygen-ozone therapy and contacted Dr. Khanna. After a thorough examination, Dr. Khanna explained what was wrong and recommended oxygen-ozone because, among other things, it's an immune stimulant which is also virucidal and enhances the circulatory system, which seemed ideal.

I began weekly autohemotherapy treatments, improved my diet and took daily mineral supplements. At first the oxygen-ozone stirred up the toxins in my body and I felt awful. But within four weeks I had more energy than I'd had in years. Gradually, the numbness and tingling stopped, my vision improved and within two months my left leg, which had been almost useless, was working again.

I am convinced that if it hadn't been for Dr. Khanna's expertise and my hard work, I'd be in a wheelchair today. As it is, I'm feeling fit and well and lead a full and active life.'


Oxygen Therapies : A New Way of Approaching Disease (Energy Publications Alternatives , No Oti) by Ed McCabe, Betsy Bullard (Illustrator) The Immune System Cure : Optimize Your Immune System in 30 Days-The Natural Way! by Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, Patrick J. D. Bouic
Hans A. Nieper MD - Essay on MS
Ozone, God's Gift to Humanity

National Defence
National Defence Headquarters
Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0K2
13 January 1995 Dear Mr. XXXXXXX
In response to your request for my opinion on ozone therapy as it relates to the medical management of AIDS patients, the attached is forwarded for your information and further use as required.
It is respectfully requested that, should this material be passed on to other media groups, it be reproduced in its entirety.
Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding our progress with the Cornell Study.
Best wishes
M.E. Shannon, Cmdre Deputy Surgeon General
Notwithstanding the negative findings of Dr. Garber's 1991 clinical trial, I firmly believe that ozone therapy has potential to play a valuable role in the medical management of AIDS. From a regulatory point of view, it is clear that not all forms of ozone therapy will be considered sufficiently safe and/or efficacious in this regard; however, there is no doubt in my mind that a protocol will eventually emerge with proven benefit.

Looking back at my past experience with minor autohemotherapy in the treatment of AIDS, there still remains a discrepancy between the Phase 1a and 1b trial results, which may, in part, relate to the lack of sophisticated technology to control for O3 concentrations in both trials. Given the lack of any significant therapeutic breakthroughs in the treatment of AIDS since that ill-fated trial and the growing testimonial support for its efficacy, the need for further clinical research with Ozone is certainly indicated. It is indeed unfortunate that the North American medical community and its funding agencies could not take a more neutral stance on this subject; tragically, professional opinion has been somewhat polarized on this issue. I believe that it is time to take the emotion out of the arguments, both pro and con, and commence a systematic examination of the evidence currently available on the merits of this therapy. Where information gaps exist (particularly in peer-reviewed scientific studies) which might preclude any regulatory decision on the validity of certain claims, properly designed research initiatives should be encouraged with the same kind of public support normally afforded any other scientific
endeavor of this import.

Although I have my doubts that ozone will ever be shown to have certain curative value on AIDS, I am certain that its well-documented analgesic effects and hence, its potential impact on patient well-being and quality of life, will someday be recognized. In this regard, I understand that both the FDA and the National Institute of Health are presently reviewing the therapeutic merits of ozone as part of their program to investigate a number of "alternative approaches" to AIDS therapy. I have the utmost confidence that in their continued pursuit of an answer to this problem, ozone will receive the scientific attention and support it rightfully deserves.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin stated on January 28, 1999 that preliminary studies have shown that MS is associated with a virus. If this is true it seems that more and more diseases are shown to be bacterial or viral in origin. So there is hope that any efficacious therapy that kills viral particles and bacteria would be valuable. See ( Drug companies have their place, but they should put people first, not profits. Evidence shows that ozone research has been blocked by threat of withdrawal of research funds.

I do not agree with Dr. Mirkin's opinion that EDTA Chelation Therapy is of no use. There are enough patients who tried it while awaiting amputations and heart surgery who did not require them after chelation that it is convincing to me. I have listened to radio shows as well and people phoning in telling of their experiences, that it can't be discounted. I am listening to a show right now, and a patient is saying that he was a mess and now he is totally healthy. He is saying that a by-pass operation costs 5 or 6 times as much as Chelation. There you go back to money again. My blood pressure was spiking too high due to some contamination of lead in my work from road excavation that was contaminated with lead. After Chelation, my blood pressure returned to normal. The word "Chelation" comes from the Latin word for "grabbing." Crabs have chelipeds.

Bioethics of vaccination

Immunization is big business and the world is divided into two types of people: those who believe in immunization and those that don't. What is the case for each? Did the kids in the Canadian band Moffats really understand what they are promoting? (Hep B vaccine)
The 20/20 TV broadcast of January 22, 1999 confirmed the worst fears of many people, that there was definitely something drastically wrong. Apparently, the parents are not told of the risks of vaccination, or even the risks of getting the disease. Why fix it if it ain't broke? Nor do children have the choice in 36 states, under threat of being expelled from school. The parents of the children hurt by the vaccine want a choice. France has withdrawn compulsory vaccination after evidence of neurological damage. The best way to handle compulsory vaccination refusal is to bring a form with you for the school etc. to sign that says they take full responsibility if there is a problem . They usually back off. Oh by the way, while the Mad Cow Disease scandal rocked the world, England was shipping bovine vaccine base to America and other countries. By the time it became known in America, they did not simply recall it. They let everyone use up stocks despite the great risks of nvCJD or human mad cow disease. So this business has many dark sides.Donald Trump has begun a investigation into CDC regarding hiding vaccine information. It appears to be a cause of autism. Aluminum and Mercury (Thimerosal preservative in vaccines) appear to be the main causes. We have told our kids to refuse vaccinations at school by saying they already had the shots. I will do a follow up report here on the findings of the investigation.

Most people know of someone who has been affected by not being immunized, and therefore many believe in it without question. This is understandable. Most doctors believe in it. So why is there a controversy? Should people have a choice whether or not to immunize with a particular vaccine with a poor record of side-effects? There is a growing army of objectors who want to use natural methods such as exposure* who do not feel the risk of the disease is great enough to justify the risk of the vaccine. Plus, many people feel that our kids are getting enough shots already, and they don't want more. There is also the question: will vaccination be the next tragedy, like tainted blood? Will you believe their next marketing (scare) tactic?

Did you know that if the vaccine is given to a baby, and he or she dies, you have no recourse, and no support? Many say investigators do not blame the vaccine, but blame the parents; and of course cause and effect are impossible to prove. Have all the deaths even been documented? 20/20 mentioned several post-vaccination infant deaths, which were
labeled SID (Sudden Infant Death syndrome) deaths, but which upon further inspection, were caused by the vaccine. How many more are there? (cause and effect are mainly researched by drug companies, who report no connection - hmm, so did the tobacco companies with respect to cancer.) Also, a frightening statistic is looming: millions of kids who have possibly acquired a food allergy from a vaccine! (e.g. eggs)

Some teachers are telling children they could die if they don't get the vaccine. Is it ethical for a teacher to give children medical advice? Could she be sued?

Fact: There were 12 incidents of polio in Canada since 1980, and 11 have been from the vaccine itself, and one was imported. In the US, there are 10 polio cases per year, all associated with the vaccine, which is now the only way to get the disease. Did you know that the makers of the polio vaccine wished to hurry up the vaccination program before the disease died out naturally? What do these statistics mean to you? Would we be better off without it?

Perhaps kids should be tested for allergic reactions before getting the shots. Think back at some physical problems some people have had in the past. How close was the problem to an event such as vaccination? Think about it - don't just get shot. If, after researching the pros and cons, you still believe it in the best interests of your kids, go ahead shoot 'em up.

September 1998 issue #191 pg. 7 of Alive magazine states that research scientists believe that a diabetes epidemic in New Zealand was caused by hep B vaccination of infants. (New Zealand Medical Journal, May 24, 1996) US studies point to the same conclusions. This same vaccine is used in Canada, and was once promoted by a popular kids' band, the Moffats .

How Vaccines are Made

Specific vaccine viruses and bacteria are grown in pig or horse blood, rabbit brain tissue, chicken and duck eggs and calf serum. When such foreign proteins have not been filtered through the body's normal assimilation and elimination process, they can be highly toxic in the lymphatic and blood systems. Also, the United States Government allowed batches of British vaccines to be used up even though they knew the danger. The vaccines were made from cow blood, possibly from mad cows.

Bill Gates donated $100 million dollars for third world vaccination.

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Please wait for the document to load, it is big.

Alive magazine states that the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Canada does not mention the connection between vaccination and juvenile diabetes, which has already been proven. (How many people do you know with juvenile diabetes? Did they get it after immunization? They can also get it if they are allergic to milk. The antibodies attack the pancreas, which has similar protein to milk.) Instead, they push for more dollars (sounds familiar). For JDF to do otherwise would be a conflict of interest, says Rhody Lake of Alive Magazine. What do you think?Natural Immunization through exposure:
*If a child is healthy, but not in first or second year. That's why we hear of reactions to immunization of babies.

Note: (Feb. 8, 2004) The above warning about vaccines was written years ago. Today mercury in vaccines has been implicated in autism and other neurological diseases.

"Just a little off the top, er...end, doc please."
Routine circumcision of babies:

Doctors in the United States and Canada have routinely circumcised baby boys for hundreds of years. What year is this? I remind you we have reached 2000's! We condemn others for circumcising little girls, and what do we do? We mutilate our little boy babies. Unless you are a Jew, there is no (Christian) basis for it. Now American doctors are coming around - the news is out, you don't have to cut off a part of your baby's body for a boost in the doctor's paycheck. Why, he had to come out on call for this, so give him an extra bonus. And by golly, God did have a purpose for it, it wasn't just a mistake we had to correct. Nurses in Victoria BC, Canada nearly came publicly against the practice but backed out at the last minute. The medical establishment (who do a lot of good to be sure when they aren't knife happy) likes to tamper with genitalia, and believe they know what is "normal" and too many men want their boys to look like them. Pretty poor reasons for cutting up a perfectly good, intact baby. In Finland doctors do not mutilate baby boys or girls. For what it's worth.

"If its so good I'm sure every doctor and reporter would jump at it">

Nothing could be further from the truth. Two years after the Wright Brothers first flew their heavier-than-air airplane, the Scientific American magazine stated to the effect that if there was any truth to these rumors, considering the nature of reporters, wouldn't they jump at this news and the papers would be full of it. Being ignored by the press cannot be used as proof of anything. Press reports are highly selective in topic and often biased. However, when the government makes a statement, reporters jump on it, thereby drowning out the voices of the people. More often than not, the government reports are flawed in some way due to the inefficient, even corrupt, nature of governments.

Doctors' medication decisions are often tied to the big drug companies. Until this changes, cheap, efficacious alternatives will have to wait. But if you look hard enough, you will find practitioners right in your own backyard who have discovered Ozone and are using it successfully. Just remember one thing: it's proven safer than drugs. When ozone makes contact with the water in your blood, it converts tiny amounts to a natural antibiotic H2O2 which, believe it or not, is a natural substance found in your body in tiny amounts anyway, especially in mother's milk. Do drugs have their place? Of course. But what we are talking about here is the blocking of other, cheap, safe, often better treatments which would be of help to the rich and poor alike, all over the world. This information is blocked higher up, but is spreading like wild fire at the grass roots.

Bibliography: (Pau D'Arco, Taheebo, LaPacho are made from the same cancer fighting South American bark)

Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. Baroody
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Walker, Morton. Dr. Morton Walker Health Book.) by Morton Walker, Richard Neubauer (Contributor)
AIDS Under Pressure: Hyperbaric Medicine in the Management of Hiv Disease by Michelle Reillo
Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone by Conrad LeBeau
Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass
Oxygen Healing Therapies: For Optimum Health & Vitality Bio-Oxidative Therapies for Treating Immune Disorders: Candida, Cancer, Heart, Skin, Circulation by Fred Rinker, Frank Northgrave (Illustrator)
The Use of Ozone in Medicine by Renate Viebahn-Haensler, Andrew Lee - the book most doctors buy. Order here:
The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression by Barry Lynes
The Best Alternative Medicine : What Works? What Does Not? by Kenneth R. Pelletier
The Cure for All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark.
Books on Herbs and Alternative Medicine.

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